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Get the Money Basics

You need to be able to crawl before you can walk – and it’s the same with managing your money.

Understand the money basics before you mortgage your house and embark on complex investment plans!

But what are the basics? We think you need to know:
  • Finance principles – the fundamental principles that explain how money and good financial goals work, and some financial terminology you need to know.
  • How to budget – and budget effectively! It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got.
  • How to save money – and how to do an effective saving plan.
  • How to manage debt – and prepare a debt reduction strategy that suits your finances.
  • Belt tightening – for those times when you just need to cover some unexpected costs or loss of income, or just want to be able to save more money.
  • How to protect your hard earned wealth – what you need to protect and how.
  • How to deal with a recession, depression or other form of financial collapse – what you need to know.
And of course, we also recommend that you get professional help and advice when working on your finances, and try using personal budgeting software to keep things on track. You'll find a FREE excel spreadsheet in the Resources page, but if you are serious about personal budget planning, try the MoneyTree software - it is the best value personal budgeting software we've found.

So get the basics and take control of you finances today!
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We are not certified financial planners or advisors. The information in this website is general information only. Always consult a licensed financial planner before making any finance or investment decision.

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